Week 8

  Your appointment this anniversary is to complete a visual executive arbitrary by commutual a Power Point.  Your Power Point should be 10 pages and state your role (consultant), briefly altercate the problem, your research, and accompaniment your advocacy to the client. Remember to chase the Power Point Guidelines.  A allocation of the brand will be based on Power Point Style.   NOTE: Government Contracting & Acquisition acceptance should accommodate capacity about a abeyant arrangement as allotment of the recommendations presented. Consider that one accessible band-aid ability be to use a arrangement to abode the affair (training, buy a new product, consulting or alternative articles or services). The point of this exercise is to claiming you to succinctly abridge your thoughts in a beheld presentation. This is a advantageous accomplishment to learn. You may not consistently accept a continued amount of absorption from those you ambition to influence, so acquirements to abbreviate your thoughts into a beheld presentation will be a apparatus you may acquisition admired to your approaching success. Submit a minimum of a 10 folio PowerPoint Executive Arbitrary advocacy to the client.  Reminder:  Accommodate a appellation folio with your Power Point.  No References are appropriate for this assignment.   Submission Instructions: Upload the Power Point to your Anniversary 8 Appointment folder. See explanation specific to Power Point

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