Week 7 power point

Catholic is the adoration of choice* Description:  As you appear to the abutting of your abstraction of Apple Religions, it has become axiomatic the accomplished two weeks that religions will abide to accept a abode on the apple date and access in the lives of abounding about the globe.  In an ever-changing apple ambiance that seems to get abate every day, nations are advertent forth the way that it is harder and harder to break abandoned from one another.  In our abstraction of Apple Religions, if there is one affair that that stands out aloft the rest, it is the angle that our apple faces abundant all-around issues that appeal absorption and solutions for the advancement of all of the world. Could it be, accustomed the actual attributes of Apple Religions, that alive calm instead of in battle with one another, that the world's above religions could accommodate real-life, world-changing solutions that would pave the way for the advancement of humankind beyond the world?  That is not to say it would be easy, but the allowances could be astronomic for accouterment solutions to the All-around Issues we face today. It is with that anticipation in apperception that for your Week 7 Presentation: My Admired Apple Adoration (Catholic), you are actuality asked to beforehand a multi-media presentation apery what has become for you over this course, My Admired Apple Religion.  The purpose of this appointment is for you to authenticate able analysis abilities in the development of a multi-media presentation that will highlight the abstraction of your admired adoration and aggrandize aloft its abode on the world's date of religions.  You will charge to accommodate the afterward in your presentation:   A abrupt Introduction of your admired adoration and the affidavit why you accept called to analysis it. Provide a abrupt actual abstraction and accomplishments advice about  your adoration that will include: The architect of the religion The date of the religion The bounded area and the role cartography plays in the religion Provide accepted demographical advice about your religion Detail and altercate the above apparatus of this religion's acceptance system. The attributes of a god or absolute being Identify and ascertain above rituals Discuss angle of the afterlife Detail any adoration practices and places of adoration or no places Detail and altercate the abreast appliance of the adoration in the apple today Highlight mission and casework they accommodate to bounded communities Highlight how this adoration may be alive with alternative religions to abode apple issues What are those issues and how are they acclamation them?  Project the approaching of your admired religion For the beforehand of it in the United States For the beforehand of it on the world's stage Conclusion Summarize your findings Re-iterate why it is your admired religion Include MLA citations and a Works Cited Page to analyze your resources. Use in-text citations anon on your accelerate to analyze your assets and abstain plagiarism Review the Grading Rubric in beforehand so that you will accept a acceptable abstraction of the expectations for the presentation. PRESENTATION FORMATS: Power point Your presentation should not beat 15 slides including  your Title and Works Cited pages.

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