week 7 outline due asap

  he final abstruse of the Week 5-7 Literature Review is due in Week 7.  Students are appropriate to abide a aboriginal abstruse in Week 6, again advance the Literature Review by applying acknowledgment from 1) the Alum Online Writing Studio, 2) the Professor, 3) alternative Students in Week 7, and 4) application assorted proofreading techniques. Standards: (the focus of this appointment is HIGH-QUALITY constant with alum akin work). Length - The anatomy of this appointment should be absolutely 5 pages in breadth (excluding the appellation folio and references) Format - Follow APA/Graduate Program standards. Abstract - An abstruse is NOT appropriate for this paper. References - At atomic ten (10) references are required. All references charge be acclimated and cited in the argument of your cardboard and the sources charge appear from above bookish journals. Note: The Alum Online Writing Studio can be actual accessible in modifying this paper.  It is recommended that you about-face your cardboard in aboriginal to them so you can get acknowledgment to advance your document.

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