Week 7 Discussion

Learning Activity #1 You are sitting in a auberge allowance watching the black account as a bounded anchorman interviews bodies who accuse about the animal corruption and abusage of nurses in a bounded hospital. These letters accept been occurring in the account media with accretion abundance over the aftermost three years. Some assemblage accept the botheration is the hospital's accepted administrator Robbie Lowe and his absolute style. The hospital 's lath of admiral has animate "spit and polish" belief that are able and tolerates no nonsense. The Lath believes that Lowe has gone too far with this "no nonsense" access and has encouraged a "them-against-us" attitude amid the administering and the nursing agents who seek to assure the patients.  New agent training includes a academy on austere adherence to affliction behavior that generally put amount acid advanced of nursing needs. The nursing agents has an 40% about-face amount and it is accepting college every year that Lowe stays. One assistant in an account with the anchorman said, "Nurses like doctors are accountable to booty affliction of the ailing to the best of their ability. If this agency giving a accommodating an added set of bedding or new ablution bolt that is what I will do. It is a amount of belief and ethics."  Further, advisers are told they accept three strikes or they are out if they breach a policy.  One assistant says that she was told by Lowe afterwards her third strike, the she could accumulate her job if she "you know" with him.  She has sued the hospital and the Lath knows it will amount them money to achieve out of court. Another anchorman has appropriate that the nurses feel they should accede unionizing the accumulation to get bigger alive altitude and a say in administration of the nursing agents policies. Presently the hospital has no administrator of nursing and the lath is apprehensive if this would break the problem. Lowe has ascendancy over all the hospital administration duties with the hiring and battlefront of doctors actuality the alone exception. The acumen you are in a auberge allowance watching the account is that you accept been arrive to account for Lowe's position as Accepted Administrator of the hospital. You are cerebration about what you would do if you got the job. What recommendations should you action the Lath back they ask for solutions and why?

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