Week 7 Case Study Discussion – Solution Focused/Narrative

   Instructions - Case Abstraction Outline    Week 7 Case Study: Solution Focused / Narrative 1. Apprehend the afterward case study. Week 7 Case Abstraction Madison Madison apparatus up for addition day in sixth grade. The alteration to average academy has been difficult one for her. Since the alpha of the academy year, she has acquainted so abandoned from her peers, alike those who were her accompany in fifth grade. Although her mom, Sarah, generally asks how things are going, Madison hesitates to let her apperceive aloof how adamantine things accept been at academy recently. Brooke, Traci, and Caroline are absolutely the best accepted girls at the school, and alike Madison’s best friend, Laura, assume to accept collapsed beneath their spell. In fifth grade, she and Laura did aggregate together, and now Madison hardly sees her alike alfresco of school. At cafeteria today, Madison decides to access Laura, who is sitting with Brooke, Traci and Caroline. She asks Laura, “Can I sit here?” Before Laura can respond, Brooke tells Madison, “We don’t sit with losers,” Traci and Caroline alpha to laugh, and Traci says, “Yeah, Madison, go accompany the alternative losers over there,” which makes Caroline beam alike harder. Fighting aback tears, Madison walks away, throws her aliment in the trash, and runs out of the cafeteria. By the time she gets home from school, addition has acquaint a video on her Facebook page, assuming her arrant in the alley alfresco of the lunchroom, with the caption, “cry babyish loser.” When Sarah gets home from work, she can anon acquaint that article is amiss with Madison, yet Madison won’t acquaint her what happened. Sarah hates to do this, but she decides to analysis out Madison’s Facebook page. There, she finds the video and is horrified. Back she approaches Madison about it, Madison begs her mom not to do anything, because she believes it will alone accomplish it worse for her at school. Sarah believes she charge do something, but back does she begin. What is the role of the Parent, the role of the academy and the role of the apprentice in the scenario? Use a Narrative or Solution Focus access in assessing the blowing and developing a analysis plan which includes the parents, academy and students. 2. Complete the Case Abstraction Outline.    Case Abstraction Outline 1. Background advice and Socio-cultural considerations. 2. Appraisal (assessment methods charge be constant with the approach you accept apprehend for this week’s assignments, video clips or approach mentioned in the vignette). 3. Analysis plans, charge account 3 analysis goals that chase analytic botheration solving. 4. Interventions (Interventions charge be constant from theory/ theories you are application for the case study) accommodate accessory stakeholders as allotment of the interventions as needed. 5. Discuss approaching analysis that may be needed. Video Links   Narrative Therapy Exerpt from Dr. Bitter   Michael White Trauma ITSP - terapia narrativa (subtitulado)  Book: Chapter 13& 14 Goldenberg, I, Stanton,M & Goldenberg, H. (2017). Family Therapy: An Overview (9th Edition). Cengage Learning. 

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