Week 7 Assignment 4: Email Revisions

Week 7 Assignment 4: Email Revisions  Due Week 7 and account 100 credibility   Revise the two (2) emails beneath to abolish ambiguous agreeable and advice these acceptance assemble polite, able email letters instead.   Scenario 1:  Susan is black with her brand in her academy class. She wants to analyze what she can do to advance in the course. She additionally feels like discharge her frustrations to her assistant due to the abounding hours she is spending belief and autograph affidavit (which may or may not be a acceptable idea). She decides to email her professor; however, afore she hits SEND, she asks you, her friend, to booty a attending at the email.   Reading the email, you agenda a abridgement of civility, polarizing language, and alternative bent accent (given the context). Advice Susan carbon her email, so she can accurate her apropos over her poor brand affably and ask for advice from the professor.  Susan’s Email:  (No greeting) I appetite to apperceive why my brand was so bad. I spent hours award sources and autograph that cardboard and it was graded unfair. My acquaintance wrote her cardboard the night afore it was due and got a bigger grade. I apperceive best advisers brand adamantine but this is ridiculous. I acquainted acceptable back I submitted the cardboard but now I feel like crap. I assumption I am activity to fail. (No closing)   Scenario 2:  Don is afraid about casual his academy chic due to some low grades. He wants to ask his assistant for advice to canyon the class. He decides to email his professor; however, afore he hits SEND, he decides to ask you, his friend, to booty a attending at the email.   Reading the email, you agenda a abridgement of civility, poor manners, and poor grammar in Don’s email. Advice Don carbon the email, so he can accurate his apropos and appropriately seek advice from the professor.   Don’s Email:  (No greeting) Yo teach. I dunno no way to canyon this class. What I gotta do to pass? (No closing)   Instructions:  Create two (2) new email letters of one to two (1-2) paragraphs anniversary for a absolute of two to four (2-4) paragraphs.  Create an adapted greeting and closing for anniversary email. Target the adapted able audience. Use adapted accent for able audience.

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