Week 6 People Analytics and Organizational Development Paper

People Analytics is an arising force in the acreage of Human Assets as HR/OD strategies become bigger accumbent with authoritative cardinal objectives. Read, “How People Analytics Can Advice You Change Process, Culture, and Strategy” and Watch: “Make Work Bigger – Prasad Setty, Google People Analytics & Compensation” https://youtu.be/07I2Np5UWAU (Links to an alien site.) In one to two pages: Focus on one aspect of your abode area you feel there is a charge for an OD action (i.e. aptitude development, abode diversity). Identify at atomic two assets alfresco of your assigned readings that abutment this intervention. How can your alignment advance People Analytics in diagnosing the charge for an action and/or implementing and/or evaluating an intervention? Reminders: Use complete sentences, structured paragraphs and able grammar/mechanics back formulating your responses. Use what you’ve abstruse in your account readings to advice codify and abutment your responses. Use assets alfresco of your arbiter to abutment and actualize your responses as well. Cite ALL sources, including the textbook, in APA 6th copy format. The cardboard should be bifold spaced paper, Times New Roman 12 point font, APA format Please accommodate a awning folio in APA format. A sample awning folio in APA architecture can be begin beneath the Course Documents bore as able-bodied as advice on APA formatting.

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