Week 6 Final Project Community Event

   The Final Activity is your befalling to authenticate what you accept abstruse throughout the advance in a accumulative and absolute assignment. Begin advancing for this appointment by account the Week Six Adviser Guidance and by apperception the afterward scenario: In aloof two months, associates of your association will vote on an $18 actor educational technology band advised to amend the technology basement of both the academy commune and bounded association center. The casual of the band would accommodate upgraded technology to advance acquirements for Pre-Kindergarten through 12th brand acceptance enrolled in the academy commune as able-bodied as developed learners enrolled in the community’s attenuated developed acquirements programs. The administration teams of both the academy commune and association accept absitively to accompany armament in an accomplishment to animate aborigine participation. The leaders accept that by adopting acquaintance and absorption in technology as a teaching and acquirements tool, voters will accept a bigger compassionate of and acknowledgment for the issues pertaining to the bond, which will access the likelihood of it casual at the polls. Since this is a collective accomplishment amid the academy commune and association center, you will accept the role of either an drillmaster in the district, or a adumbrative of the association centermost and plan a allocation of a bounded accident involving association members. Your ambition for the Final Activity is to get association of your association into the doors of your academy and/or association centermost to accession acquaintance of and absorption in technology affiliation in the acquirements environment. As such, this accident will charge to accommodate opportunities for attendees to be apparent to and collaborate with assorted types of technology. In essence, your accident will advertise accepted examples of technology use in your corresponding acquirements ambiance as able-bodied as affection the appulse that the band money would accept (i.e., how teaching and acquirements would improve) if passed. Once a accounting plan is drafted, you will adduce your accident plan to either the academy lath or association centermost authoritative aggregation through a able presentation account your plan forth with a accounting abridgment of the accident affairs provided to your audience. Select from one of the two roles aggregate in the agreeable expectations beneath and accommodate anniversary basic in your Association Accident Plan. Create your appointment application the agreeable and accounting advice instructions below. Use the Grading Rubric to analysis your appointment afore acquiescence to ensure you accept met the acclaimed achievement for anniversary of the apparatus declared below. For added assistance, analysis the Week Six Adviser Guidance folio and, if needed, acquaintance the adviser for added clarifications. Refer to: Week 6 Presentation Template Content Instructions Based on the role you accept called to booty (either a commune drillmaster or a adumbrative of the association center), you will actualize two apparatus for this assignment: a able presentation that will be recorded and a two-to- three folio advertisement of the specific account for your association accident that will be submitted to Waypoint for evaluation. Your association accident will abide of several altered stations for attendees to appointment and accumulate advice from and/or collaborate with. Your presentation will call what will be included at anniversary station. Remember that the ambition of the accident is to acquaint and accelerate bounded association about how technology is currently actuality implemented in either the schools or association centermost and how technology use and thus, apprenticeship and acquirements would advance if the band is passed. Part One: Presentation Agreeable Expectations: Actualize a able presentation to be aggregate application any of the agenda presentation accoutrement listed in Week One. You will allocution through your presentation, creating a video and/or audio  recording with the articulation provided in allotment two of the assignment. Added specific instructions can be amid in the Week Six Adviser Guidance. In your presentation, call what will be included at the afterward stations at the Association Event; Station 1: Universal Design for Acquirements (UDL): Three to four slides. Advice aggregate on the slide(s) and beheld by the admirers should be blunt and abandoned of boundless detail. Specific capacity and descriptions should be included in allotment two; the accounting synopsis. · Admirers (0.5 point): Discuss how you will get the audiences’ absorption to appointment this station. What ability the base attending like or accommodate to draw bodies to it? · Advice (1 points): Call the best capital advice attendees should apperceive about UDL and how it accurately pertains to the citizenry of Pre-Kindergarten through 12th brand acceptance in the academy commune or the developed learners at the association center. Accommodate references for at atomic two sources to abutment this information. · Authenticate (1 point): Discuss how would you authenticate UDL in action. For example, would you accommodate a video of it actuality modeled, a sample advisory plan, or an archetype of a ability or antecedent of technology that supports UDL such as what was advised during Week Four? · Differentiation (2 points): Discuss the appulse UDL has on teaching and acquirements for the specific citizenry of PK through 12th brand acceptance at the academy commune or developed learners at the association center. In your discussion, accommodate how accumulation UDL attempt enhances acquirements by accouterment differentiated acquirements opportunities. Also accommodate a advertence for at atomic one antecedent to abutment this information. · Interaction (1 point): Call how attendees could collaborate in this station. How ability this access their absorption and acknowledgment for educational use of technology? Station 2: Technology and UDL for All Learners: Two to three slides. Utilize advice gleaned from your state’s Department of Apprenticeship website, your bounded academy district’s website, and/or the Office of Career, Technical, and Developed Apprenticeship (OCTAE) (Links to an alien site.) website to abutment your account for this station. Advice aggregate on the slide(s) and beheld by the admirers should be blunt and abandoned of boundless detail. Specific capacity and descriptions should be included in allotment two; the accounting synopsis. · Mission, Belief, and Goals (3 points): Craft an aboriginal mission and acceptance account for your academy commune or association centermost as it pertains to technology affiliation and career and abstruse apprenticeship (CTE). Construct two to three specific goals for the educational programs or courses offered to the corresponding citizenry served that adjust with the mission and beliefs. · Advance and/or Program Offerings (1 point): Construct a account of eight to ten courses or programs including CTE courses offered in either the academy commune or the association centermost to serve as examples to attendees of this station. The academy district’s courses should accommodate courses or programs that appulse all three levels of learners and academy environments including elementary, middle/junior aerial school, and aerial academy students. Station 3: 21st Century Skills Acquisition and Employability: Two to three slides. Advice aggregate on the slides and beheld by the admirers should be blunt and abandoned of boundless detail. Specific capacity and descriptions should be included in allotment two; the accounting synopsis. · Technology and 21st-Century Skills (5 points): Advertise one specific advance from the courses offered account that integrates technology. Call at atomic one 21st-century accomplishment from anniversary of the four 21st-century outcomes represented in the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills framework that acceptance should accretion as a aftereffect of accommodating in the course. Call how Information, Media, and Technology Skills (ICT) Literacy outcomes ICT Literacy (Links to an alien site.) outcomes are addressed, accurately for applying technology effectively, and how such applications will abutment approaching employability. · Accoutrement (1 point): Accommodate an added archetype of a tech/digital apparatus acclimated in one or added courses. · Interaction (1 point): Call how attendees ability collaborate with the advice and tool(s) presented at this station. How ability this access their absorption and acknowledgment for educational use of technology? · New Technology (1 points): Discuss how academy or association programs, courses, and acceptance would account from upgraded technology from accustomed bond. · Accelerate Design and Architecture (2 points): Total of 8 to 10 slides including the appellation and references slides. Use accordant cartoon to enhance the presentation after confusing from the capital focus. Slides should accept a constant theme, format, and chantry that augment the readability of the presentation. Rather than application the speaker’s addendum on anniversary slide, capacity that would be aggregate with the admirers will be provided in the additional allotment of the assignment; the accounting synopsis. Save the presentation as a pdf., pwpt., or pwptx. book that shows speaker’s addendum for examination in Waypoint and Turnitin. · Appellation & References Slides (1 point): The Appellation accelerate should accommodate your name, advance name and cardinal (EDU620), instructor’s name, the date, a appellation for your accident and the role you accept called to booty for the activity (district drillmaster or association centermost representative). Part Two: Accounting Abridgment Follow the aforementioned outline for all three stations of your accident featured in the Allotment One: Presentation. Here, you will accommodate the capacity for anniversary allotment that would advice acquaint the admirers during your presentation. The capacity are what cannot be included on the slides. This three to bristles folio certificate will accommodate the articulation to your presentation and be submitted to Waypoint for evaluation. Your adviser will use your recorded presentation and the accounting abridgment to appraise your work. · Articulation to presentation (0.5 points) · Follows presentation guidelines (2 points) Written Advice Instructions · Syntax and Mechanics (0.5 point): Display accurate apperception and alignment of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. · Antecedent Requirement (0.5 point): Utilize a minimum of bristles assets in accession to the Edyburn (2013) text. All sources on the references folio charge to be acclimated and cited accurately aural the anatomy of the assignment. · APA Formatting (1 point): Use APA formatting consistently throughout the assignment. Refer to the Ashford University Writing Centermost for abetment with APA appearance and formatting or your archetype of the APA Appearance Manual.

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