Week 6 Essay

Please accept one appointment from the afterward options to abide for this week's response. Please blazon up your acknowledgment according to the guidelines listed in the abridgement (12 point, Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins and double-spacing). Your acknowledgment will be evaluated on the base of: a) how able-bodied you authenticate an compassionate of and assurance with the advance material; b) the accuracy and affection of your writing; c) your all-embracing accomplishment on the assignment. Remember that affection of writing is admired over quantity. The appointment will be graded on a calibration of 0-10 points, and the grader's comments and brand should be accessible to you aural one anniversary of the aboriginal announcement date. The appointment is due on Saturday, February 17th at 3pm after actuality penalized. The account assignments accord with the assigned readings and address actual for the week. The questions airish in anniversary advantage are advised to advice adviser your cerebration and response. You are not appropriate to acknowledge to all (or alike any) of the listed questions, although your responses should be organized in some way. As with any autograph assignment, accouterment acceptable accomplishments advice to your affair and alms specific examples to abutment your angle will accomplish your account clearer and added convincing. You are acceptable to address above the minimum folio claim for the assignment. == Option 1: If dabbling is one of your added cogent time-management issues, address a 2-page acknowledgment in which you altercate what you get from procrastinating. Altercate accurately what you are accomplishing aback you adjourn (for example, are you attractive up your accompany on Facebook, arena video amateur or spending too abundant time in the cafeteria?), what allowances you get out of this, and whether or not the allowances of dabbling are account it in the continued run. If you anticipate the downsides of dabbling outweigh the benefits, altercate what accurate accomplish you can booty to abate your procrastination. Be specific about what letters you will acquaint yourself or what activity items you will booty in the moment aback the allurement to adjourn strikes. Also altercate how you will feel aback you abide the allurement to adjourn and chase through with the tasks and goals you set out for yourself. Option 2: Both the lectures for this anniversary and the assigned readings accord abounding suggestions about how to bigger administer your time and advance your abstraction skills. Go aback to your address addendum and to the book (Chapter 3 of Andreatta) and analysis specific study, reading, note-taking and time-management strategies. Which suggestions do you already appoint with? Are they advantageous strategies for convalescent your time-management and abstraction skills? Which tips are alien to you, but address to you? Why? How can you apparatus them for the butt of this quarter? What challenges do you anticipate you ability face in adventure these strategies? How can you affected these challenges to convenance these bookish skills? Address a 2-page cardboard responding to some of these questions. Option 3: After account the assigned texts for this week, anticipate of one accessible above appointment in one of your accepted classes. Break bottomward the appointment into abate tasks and account anniversary footfall that you will booty appear commutual the assignment. Also account what study/academic abilities (see Andreatta, Ch. 3) you charge or will be accessible for you to use at anniversary footfall of the assignment. Accord yourself due dates for anniversary ‘smaller’ footfall of the assignment, and one for commutual the assignment. In a 2-page paper, call the appointment and altercate how you accept burst it down, what abilities you listed as all-important (and why) and the mini-due dates you’ve accustomed for yourself arch up to the assignment. Altercate any obstacles that may still angle in the way of you commutual the appointment as you laid it out, and what you will do to abstain those obstacles.  Option 4: Look at the ‘@myU’ box on pp. 73 of Andreatta. Read the admonition and ample out the textbox accordingly, to reflect aloft the study/academic strategies you acclimated to complete your aboriginal set of above exams/assignments in 3-4 of your classes this term. If you did not do able-bodied on your aboriginal set of above assignments, jot bottomward what you did to adapt for those above assignments, what charge to change in adjustment to advance your performance, and how you will accomplish the proposed changes. If you did do able-bodied on your aboriginal set of assignments, explain what accurately you did in adjustment to do able-bodied and what you should abide accomplishing in adjustment to ensure approaching success. Address a 2-page cardboard responding to some of these issues.

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