Week 6 — Environmental & Energy Policy Discussion Board

This module/week focuses on ecology and activity action questions. The accent on the achievability of partnerships amid government and alternative spheres aural society—businesses, non-profits, communities, etc—will be continued. Textbook Readings Website: Switch Activity Project Website: New Kind of Supercapacitor Made after Carbon Kraft & Furlong: ch. 11  Monsma: ch. 9 Learning Outcomes Upon acknowledged achievement of this module, you will be able to:    Identify key issues apropos to activity policy.  Identify key issues apropos to ecology policy.      Apply the MCS access to activity and ecology policies.       Differentiate a biblical angle on activity and apprenticeship action from alternative worldview perspectives. For this Altercation Board Forum, collaborate in a free-flowing altercation of the biblical and built-in ambit for the accurate action focus actuality discussed this module/week. In alternative words, you charge altercate the “May” allocation of the “May-Can-Should” access to action assay and implementation. Engage the account of your classmates and the appropriate readings and presentations in a allusive and anxious manner. Remember to accommodate thoughts on what government should or should not do from a biblical and built-in perspective. Also altercate what alternative groups, individuals, and organizations (possibly including accompaniment and bounded government) should be accomplishing aural association to abode the action issues discussed in this module/week.

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