week 6 discussion

Question 1   Evaluate the factors of acceptation aural the anatomy of an IT business with accomplishment and actuate what factors access the accommodation to actualize real-time abstracts or accumulation processes. Explain your answer. Recommend the accomplishing of controls all-important to abate erroneous journals that could advance to banking losses for companies. If administration establishes able controls and cogent losses still occur, explain to what admeasurement administration should be captivated answerable beneath SOX. Question 2:   Create an altercation whether an accountant anxious with adapted allegory of duties would use a abstracts breeze diagram or arrangement flowchart. Defend your position. From the e-Activity, appraise the access acclimated to actuate which companies are slated to activate application IFRS, advertence akin of acceding with the approach. Altercate the arising issues amid U.S. Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles and International Banking Reporting Standards that charge be advised in designing able accountant accoutrement and techniques to analysis controls.   E-Activity:   Review the Website for International Banking Reporting Standards (IFRS). Identify which companies are slated to activate application IFRS.  Be able to discuss. 

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