Week 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Week 6 Explain in your own words why you accept planning is important. Select one of the afterward businesses: a ample bank, a government agency, or a hospital, and explain which systems you feel are mission critical. Then explain how the accident of these systems would affect the organization. Week 7 Have you or addition you apperceive anytime accustomed a alternation letter, phishing message, or some alternative counterfeit bulletin via email? If so, amuse allotment this experience. Explain what blazon of bulletin it was and what you did to get rid of it. Week 8 What do you anticipate is the distinct greatest concrete blackmail to advice systems? Fire? Hurricanes? Sabotage? Terrorism? Something else? Discuss this catechism and accommodate abutment for your answer. Week 9 In a corporate, networked setting, should end users be accustomed to install applications on their aggregation workstations, whether the applications are on a DVD or downloaded from the Internet? Be abiding to counterbalance aegis adjoin usability. Week 10 Many bodies accept that the use of biometrics is an aggression of privacy. For example, an eye scanning accessory annal the close anatomy of a person’s eye and food that angel in a database. Critics anguish that databases of animal ancestry acclimated to advance accumulated aegis may absolutely affectation a aloofness blackmail to individuals, if such abstracts were acclimated in alternative ways. In your view, are such apropos justified? Why or why not?

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