PART1-Due Thursday PLEASE COMPLETE ONLY A OR B!!!!  Respond to the afterward in a minimum of 175 words: A ·      Provide an archetype of assay back the abstracts ability crave the use of a nonparametric test. What ambit in this assay would account you to abandon the use of a parametric test? Accommodate a specific archetype of abstracts that ability not accommodated the claim for a parametric test. B ·      Explain a assay bearings in the acreage of attitude area you would use multivariate statistical procedures (MANOVA). Explain your acknowledgment thoroughly and accommodate examples of the variables involved. PART2-   SEE ATTACHMENT!!!Resource: Happiness Engagement Dataset-THIS  IS ATTACHED BELOW You accept fabricated it to the final footfall of your alone project. In this assignment, you will advance the abilities bare to abridge statistics as a allotment of the assay process. Imagine you charge present your assay allegation to your Human Resources department. Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation discussing your assay of the data. Include the afterward in your presentation: An addition that includes the abstracts and variables from the Happiness and Engagement Dataset. A description and the after-effects of anniversary analysis, including: The anecdotic statistics from Allotment 1 The t assay from Allotment 2 The ANOVA from Allotment 3 The bivariate correlations from Allotment 4 A conceptual arbitrary of the after-effects advertence what the abstracts conveys. Include abundant apostle addendum on anniversary accelerate as a archetype of what you would say while presenting this information. Format any citations in your presentation and apostle addendum according to APA guidelines. PART3-THIS WORKSHEET IS ATTACHED BELOW!!!This worksheet will accommodate you with acquaintance in artful (by duke or application Microsoft®Excel®) the formulas from the account readings. Application these formulas and assuming these calculations will accommodate with you an compassionate of how and why statistical formulas appointment and what they mean. This worksheet additionally provides you the befalling to adapt after-effects in the ambience of specific problems, which in about-face provides acquaintance that will abetment you in alarmingly evaluating accepted assay in your field. Complete the Chi-Square Worksheet. Submit your worksheet to the assignment.

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