week 5 forum 2 Santos

  If you were the prosecutor, how would you discredit the abeyant affidavit of Joe The Fireman? One of the better issues that I see from advocate Joe’s annual is that he is a acceptable acquaintance of the defendant. His annual can be affected appear benefiting Mr. Mayo because they accept a claimed relationship. I can anon accompany up the believability issues in his annual “I accept never apparent the man before”. In my assessment that ability not be accessible due to the actuality that Mr. Scowen was a regular. Joe acutely frequents that specific bar why would he go there at 2 am? He acutely is aggravating to avert Joe by adage that he was afraid and shaken. It seems to me that he is aggravating to abbreviate the bearings to self-defense. 2) If you were the aegis attorney, how would you discredit the abeyant affidavit of Dawn Dietz?             In my honest assessment the annual of Dawn Dietz seems adopted and can be discredited. One of the better issues that I accept is the behavior she declared of Mr. Mayo. I accept that Mr. Mayo is a acceptable natured being but did an honest aberration on cutting Mr. Scowen. I would put into catechism that Mr. Mayo alleged her a “red neck”. It is adamantine to accept that an buyer of a accessible enactment would acquiesce anyone to boldness a customer. Mr. Mayo does not accept a bent accomplished or annihilation that would announce an advancing behavior. 3) Discuss some of the conflicts in the statements fabricated by both Dietz and Joe and the facts provided in anniversary 1.             Joe originally said that he was seeing the contest advance through a window while sitting in a patio. On his annual he said he saw it through a window and ran in back the cutting happened. That is a altered annual on what he said on the accounting affidavit annual provided. On the alternative duke Ms. Dietz is a common chump in the aboriginal address which contradicts absolutely her accounting statement. She is allegedly a biographer that suffers from writers block and occasionally looks for a change of environment. This acutely seems to abbreviate her regularity in the bar which is a contradiction.   respond to this altercation catechism in 100 words

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