Week 5 Discussion Special Topic: Staying the Course, staying motivated.

  REQUIRED WEEK 5 CHECKLIST TASK A) POST:  Write at atomic 4 to 5 complete sentences about the video, Strayer University—The Driven—The Movie, afterwards you appearance it in its entirety. TASK B) Accommodate some comments These individuals may accommodate ancestors members, friends, co-workers, clergy members, professors, or alternative adorning people. Discuss specific ways has this person or bodies accurate your educational goals?   NOTE! Please remember that this is an OPEN discussion. Do not column arcane information.  TASK  C) Respond to addition student's altercation post. There is no charge to accommodate a REFERENCE antecedent this week. The video is your Reference.  Strayer University - The Driven (Movie) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIU9F3WGOJA  NOTE!! If you accept agitation examination the video from this site, artlessly archetype and adhesive the YouTube URL into another internet browser.  ENJOY!!

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