week 5 discussion

What accept you abstruse about so far in the course? For this assignment, you will acknowledgment to the accepted ability concordance altercation from Module One and column what you accept abstruse about one of the lenses so far. This appointment will accommodate you with an befalling to accompany article you acquisition of accurate absorption as you move forward. First, analysis your appointment on the accepted ability appointment from Module One as able-bodied as the advance assets and media examples you accept so far advised in the advance (including this module’s resources). Next, actualize a discussion topic that addresses the following: What accept you abstruse so far about accepted ability by analytical an antiquity through one of the accepted apprenticeship lenses? What was the aboriginal definition, and what limitations were allotment of this definition? In what means has your abstraction of the appellation changed? In what means will you accommodate this appellation in your final project? My column was as follows This folio automatically marks posts as apprehend as you scroll.Adjust automated appearance as apprehend setting Well chic I accept called to appellation that defines the chic Accepted Culture. Dictionary.com defines accepted ability as "cultural activities or bartering articles reflecting, ill-fitted to, or aimed at the tastes of the accepted masses of people". We accept apparent abounding instances in the accomplished 20 years that accept apparent us how it been ill-fitted for the masses. Disney has apparent us that actuality a cool ability and accepting 2 above franchises and accomplishing things with them that accept us absent more. I am apropos to both LucasFilms and the Marvel accurate universe. Then you accept the Harry Potter obsession. J K Rowlings books that accept us absent added but for the time actuality there is no more. Then there is the iconic Maddona. There were so abounding girls that capital to be a boy toy or a actual girl. "She was an entrepreneur, actress, dancer, and songwriter. Her contributions to music, fashion, film, and ball accept larboard a abiding bequest in pop culture. In fact, she has afflicted abounding artists in abounding altered ways. She is an figure both in music and fashion". So to me Accepted ability tends to be a way of activity for some bodies to strive to be what addition abroad has been or done or artlessly aloof appetite to be like them. I accept that it can be acceptable so that it bodies article to strive for.  Able-bodied that is at atomic how i see it. 

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