Week 5 Discussion 2

To adapt for this Discussion: Using the websites of the companies you called in Discussion 1, analyze anniversary company’s cast for a agnate or aggressive artefact in the country or countries you selected. Evaluate the brands in agreement of the analyses declared in Chapter 7 of your advance text. An assay of how anniversary cast is positioned in the country, including: The cast bulletin acclimated to adeptness its ambition market The similarities and differences in the way the brands are positioned The adeptness of the companies to advantage their all-around cast power An assay of the cast structures acclimated by anniversary company, including: Which of the cast structures do the companies use: corporate-dominate, product-dominant, or amalgam structure? Did both companies use the aforementioned anatomy or did they use altered ones? How is anniversary company’s cast anatomy shaped by its firm-based characteristics, product-market characteristics, and basal bazaar dynamics? A cessation that summarizes which of the two brands you acquisition adds the best in agreement of amount to the corporation. Be abiding to accommodate a account to abutment your answer. Minimum 3 paragraphs in APA Format. Due in 12 hours

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