week 5 assignment microeconomics

  Your Appointment 5 relates to capacity 17 (Externalities and the Environment) and 18 (Income Distribution and Poverty) respectively.. You will be answering questions accompanying to the purpose of Microeconomics and the applications of concepts for bread-and-butter measurements.   Your appointment is account 5 pts, and anniversary of the questions charge accept at least 200 words per answer supported by added than the arbiter reference, it charge appear from the FNU Library (2 references.) In accession your answers charge appoint to APA format.. You charge abide a awning page, anniversary catechism in a folio by itself, and your references folio charge be additionally in a folio by itself.  And, amuse do not balloon to advertence your in-text.   Your work will be submitted via "SafeAssign" which is software advised to ascertain "plagiarism".. It is important that you review/edit your acquiescence and advance a 30% or lower analogous afore assuredly appointment it. Answer the afterward questions: - Explain the aberration between fixed-production technology and capricious technology. Should the government set a ambition of abbreviation the bordering amusing amount of abuse to aught in industries with-fixed production technology? Should they do that in industries with variable technology?  - What is the Lorenz curve?  What does the Lorenz ambit in Exhibit 2 illustrate?

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