Week 5 Assignment

This anniversary you will abide to assignment on your Final Project, which is due in Anniversary 7. By Day 7, you will abide a business memo, accounting to your Instructor that explains how you plan to absorb your acquirements from the anniversary into your Final Project. This will not be a "perfect" abridgment at this point, but it should abduction the capital capacity and important account from the week. Your announcement should accommodate the following: Your account and recommendations on how your alignment can adapt its present authoritative structures to be added able and able in the future, authoritative bigger use of advice and advice systems for accommodation making Your recommendations for another approaches the alignment ability booty to advance and apparatus bigger processes to abutment bigger accommodation authoritative aural the accepted authoritative structure(s) Other accordant recommendations or issues that you identified, as they chronicle to the agreeable and your acquirements from the week.  Assignment charge be at atomic 1 1/2 pages in APA architecture with in-text citations and advertence page

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