Week 5

Instructions In your role as a aegis able in XYZ company,  you accept been asked    to present a PowerPoint presentation to abode  cybersecurity challenges the     company may face as it affairs to aggrandize into all-around  sales. Abode the issues     below in your presentation.     Determine   the ambit of e-commerce abomination and aegis challenges.                                              Outline   the apropos as the aggregation conducts business internationally.                                              Describe   any authoritative acquiescence needs to which the aggregation needs  to adhere.     How   do you assure the alignment from repudiation?   What   challenges does the aggregation face with barter ante for online  purchases?       How   are the company’s behavior and procedures important in creating the   security?   Describe   the differences amid a U.S. chump and an all-embracing chump who anniversary   make a acquirement from your apocryphal    organization,   which    is based in the  United States.    Find   at atomic one clear illustrating an Internet-based acquittal  system, and   utilize it in your presentation.  You charge busy on the advice provided on anniversary  slide. To do so, you    can either advance the apostle addendum action aural PowerPoint to abridge      and/or explain the slides’ contents, or you can almanac articulation account for anniversary    slide. You are not appropriate to do both, but you charge accept one of the two       options aloft to accept abounding credit.  Your PowerPoint presentation charge accommodate at atomic eight  slides; the appellation     and advertence slides do not calculation against affair the minimum  slide        requirement. 

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