week 5.3

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000227 EndHTML:000008298 StartFragment:000005217 EndFragment:000008224 StartSelection:000005217 EndSelection:000008220 SourceURL:https://ashford.instructure.com/courses/11397/assignments/222293     Week 5 - Account         //<![CDATA[  !function(){   var o,s,v;   if (!(window.Promise && Object.assign && Object.values && [].find && [].includes && (o={},s=Symbol(),v={},o[s]=v,o[s]===v) && (function f(){}).bind().name==='bound f')) {     s = 's', document.write('<'+s+'cr'+'ipt src="https://du11hjcvx0uqb.cloudfront.net/dist/ie11-polyfill-9524c2cc43.js"></'+s+'c'+'ript>');   } }();        //]]>           function _earlyClick(e){       var c = e.target       while (c && c.ownerDocument) {         if (c.getAttribute('href') == '#' || c.getAttribute('data-method')) {           e.preventDefault()           (_earlyClick.clicks = _earlyClick.clicks || []).push(c)           break         }         c = c.parentNode       }     }     document.addEventListener('click', _earlyClick)                Refer to the assigned account from the arbiter and adapted videos as examples of how to adapt works of art.Select a assignment of art of your best from any of the alternate museums provided in Week One, the CourseMate Bonus images, or from your bounded art museum. Contemplate the assignment of art and add your estimation of the art, based on the characteristics of the agnate movement, to your art account (the Prezi started in Week One). Pay abutting absorption to style, media (materials), methods, capacity and any alternative capacity that accomplish this assignment significant, application adapted art terminology. Be abiding to accommodate your claimed acknowledgment to the assignment of art and an angel of the work. How do you apperceive this assignment of art abnormally now compared to how you interpreted the artwork in your art account from beforehand weeks?TIP: To absolutely contemplate the assignment of art application what you accept abstruse about art and art appreciation, it is recommended that you appraise the assignment of art for at atomic ten minutes, demography agenda of your reactions and observations throughout your examination. Use these addendum to compose your account entry.Include an angel of the assignment of art you accept called and be abiding to adduce the assignment of art.Please chase the basal adapted APA appearance commendation architecture in the APA Artwork Citations document to advertence works of art.

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