Part 3: Explanation and Defense In this section, you will explain and avert your altercation by cartoon on the moral approach that aligns best carefully with the altercation you presented in Part 2. This may be the aforementioned approach you discussed in your additional assignment, but it may additionally be a altered theory. You charge aboriginal explain the approach in accepted agreement agnate to how you explained a approach in your additional assignment, including a abrupt annual of the actual accomplishments of the approach and the philosopher(s) associated with it and accepted overview of the amount moral ideal or assumption of the theory, including the way it guides and constrains moral reasoning. You should again acutely appearance how your altercation represents an appliance of that anatomy of moral reasoning. In alternative words, if the altercation you present in Part 2 is utilitarian, deontological, or virtue-based (teleological), you will appetite to explain utilitarianism, deontology, or advantage belief in accepted terms, again explain how your altercation from Part 2 reflects or draws aloft the amount attempt and belief of that theory. Please accredit to the Week 3 appointment instructions for admonition on how to explain and administer the moral theory. Place this area beneath the Part 3: Explanation and Aegis heading. Part 4: Altercation and Response In this area of the paper, you will present the arch altercation you can to your argument, and briefly avert that altercation by ambrosial to a altered ethical approach than the one you focused on in Part 3. Briefly explain the amount moral ideal or assumption of the approach and how that could be the base of an altercation to your argument. For instance, if you explained and dedicated your own altercation by applying the attempt of advantage ethics, you could accession an altercation from the angle of advantage by briefly answer the amount commonsensical assumption and how applying that assumption could advance addition to a altered cessation than the one you are defending. Next, you should acknowledge to the altercation by answer why it is not able abundant to attenuate the capital altercation in aegis of your position. See the assignment guidance for suggestions on how to finer acknowledge to the objection.

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