Week 4-Troubleshooting Tool Guide for the Installation of the New Satellite Campus

  Reference: NTC362r5 Table Template Week Four Scenario: The IT administration aggregation has bent that the academy will add addition accessory campus that will accept a Learning Center with 20 computers and 10 classrooms. Each classroom will accept one computer for the adviser and a wireless admission point for the students. In apprehension of issues that may appear back installing new accouterments and software, you accept been asked to actualize a Troubleshooting Apparatus Guide that identifies tools, including some of the chargeless accoutrement that you apparent in your research, that can be acclimated to troubleshoot the following: Connection to the ISP Routers and Switches Wireless admission points Any new hardware Any new arrangement cabling IP acclamation problems VLAN problems Your appointment is to prepare a 2- to 3-page table application Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel® with the table cavalcade branch of Troubleshooting Apparatus and Example. The rows are bulleted above. In the beef analyze what apparatus could be acclimated and accord an archetype from the labs, videos, or readings of how to use the tool. Format your certificate constant with APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.

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