Week 4: Quantitative and Qualitative Summary (Abstract)

Topic: Effect of Diet of Diabetic Patient. PICOT Questions  1. In diabetic patients aloft 65 years of age, how does diet compared to no  nutrition access the bloom of the accommodating over one week? 2. In diabetic patients beneath the age of 65 years, how does diet compared to  physical exercise access the bloom of the accommodating over one week? 3. In a diabetic accommodating of any age, how does diet compared to alternative treatments  influence the bloom of the accommodating over one week? Week 4: Quantitative and Qualitative Arbitrary (Abstract) This week, you will abide summaries of quantitative and qualitative studies. The purpose of this appointment is to become accustomed with appear research, analysis designs, and methodologies. For the assignment, you will baddest one quantitative analysis abstraction and one qualitative abstraction accompanying to the acreage of nursing and address a arbitrary of anniversary study. Anniversary arbitrary charge be accurate, succinct, and clear. These accessories should be somewhat accompanying to your PICOT questions. Ensure the afterward questions are addressed in anniversary summary: 1. What blazon of analysis is it (quantitative, qualitative, and design)? 2. What was the analysis question(s) or hypothesis? 3. What is the sample, the sample size, and sample attributes? 4. What was the ambience of the study? 5. What were the researcher’s findings? (Identify one.) You charge abide the analysis abstraction accessories forth with your summaries. Each arbitrary should be amid 150–250 words.  Use accepted APA architecture to appearance your cardboard and to adduce your sources. Review the explanation for added advice on how your appointment will be graded. Due Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) Points  150

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