WEEK 4 DISCUSSION 4.1: Literature Toolbox Discussion Topic

  Terms that administer to balladry as able-bodied as plays are diction, tone, allegorical accent (simile, metaphor, personification, apostrophe), symbolism, irony, theme Terms that administer to abbreviate belief as able-bodied as plays are setting, characters (dynamic, static, round, flat), artifice (exposition, conflict, ascent action, climax, falling action, denouement), tone, atmosphere, symbolism, theme Terms that administer accurately to ball include stage admonition (characters' gestures and costumes, music, lighting, complete effects, props), anatomy (acts, scenes, lines), point of appearance (aside, soliloquy), tragedy (hamartia, hubris, catharsis, chorus, prologos), ball (high, romantic, farce, satiric) ======================================================   After attractive through all of the abstracts in the Week 5 Acquirements Resources  account and define two specific tools, vocabulary, concepts, or techniques that you can use to assay and allocution about blur and drama. Make abiding to adduce any of the acquirements assets you use in your acknowledgment in MLA format. Sample post Dolly Attempt - a affective attempt taken with camera on a dolly  Local Music - music that is in the arena that the characters hear Glossary, New York Blur School Student Resources, https://www.nyfa.edu/student-resources/glossary/ You will not see any alternative postings until you column your own. Initial altercation posts are due by Wednesday at 11:30PM ET.

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