Week 4 Discussion

  You are a business administrator for a aggregation that makes ready-to-eat breakfast cereals. Your aggregation afresh accomplished a adherence affairs for consumers, which resulted in a ample client database. The cast managers are acquisitive to abundance the accessible data, which they can use to architecture added able promotional programs. The administration of your alignment believes that to be effective, these programs accept to booty into annual cogent cross-region (i.e., the East Coast, the West Coast, the Midwest, and the South) acquirement differences. Your assignment is to analysis the antecedent that there are cogent cross-region differences in purchasing patterns. Administration has adapted that you use six altered two-way comparisons (directly comparing anniversary arena with every alternative region), with anniversary two-way allegory actuality adapted at the 5% level. - Assess how adapted management’s proposed use of antecedent testing would be to validate   management’s acceptance in cross-region acquirement differences. - Explain the ambition of this antecedent testing experiment. - Describe the mechanics of this antecedent testing process. - Explain why the alignment would go through the agitation of antecedent testing in this situation. Support your altercation with accordant examples, research, and rationale.

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