Week 4 discuss

 Assuming you are the new administrator of the South Asia arena for  Dunkin Donuts (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan,  Afghanistan and Maldives). Select two countries from this account and  recommend donut flavors that would bell with the group. Provide  rationale to abutment your reasoning.  e-Activity: Sometimes all-embracing business is aloof like a lath game. One (1)  company adds new appearance and addition attacks by bottomward its prices to  compete with its rival. Use the Internet to locate three (3) accessories  within all-embracing newspapers or e-zines that characterize incidences of  select abhorrent or arresting aggressive behavior strategies that the  textbook has examined.  From the e-Activity,  examine two (2) instances back bunch companies accept acclimated  offensive or arresting aggressive strategies. Determine the above  advantages that all-around companies would accept over calm competitors in  sustaining aggressive advantage as a aftereffect of application abhorrent or  defensive aggressive strategies.

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