Week 4

Topic:  Explain the abstracts altering standards appropriate to accredit the breeze of the information. As allotment of the Date 2 assignment, you will analyze Abstracts Altering Standards the Midtown Family Clinic EHR arrangement will use to barter advice with alien organizations.  For this discussion, we will analyze several altered Abstracts Altering Standards, or "Interoperability Standards" as the ONC defines them.  Aboriginal to accept the top challenges in administration data, read http://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/fact-sheets/2016/11/electronic-health-records-patient-matching-and-data-standardization-remain-top-challenges  This commodity highlights the charge for abstracts standardization.  Next, you will become accustomed with the Interoperability Standards Advisory appear and maintained by the Office of the National Coordinator for Bloom Advice Technology (ONC)  https://www.healthit.gov/isa/ The purpose of the Advisory, as declared on the website is apparent below. The Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) is meant to serve at atomic the afterward purposes: To accommodate the industry with a single, accessible account of the standards and accomplishing blueprint that can best be acclimated to abode specific analytic bloom advice interoperability needs. Currently, the ISA is focused on interoperability for administration advice amid entities and not on intra-organizational uses.   To reflect the after-effects of advancing dialogue, debate, and accord amid industry stakeholders back added than one accepted or accomplishing blueprint could be acclimated to abode a specific interoperability need, altercation will booty abode through the ISA accessible comments process. The web-version of the ISA will advance aloft absolute processes, authoritative comments added transparent, and acceptance for threaded discussions to advance added dialogue. To certificate accepted limitations, preconditions, and dependencies as able-bodied as accommodate suggestions for aegis best practices in the anatomy of aegis patterns for referenced standards and accomplishing blueprint back they are acclimated to abode a specific analytic bloom IT interoperability need." GROUP 4:  From the abounding altered standards listed in the Advisory, accept one that has not yet been acquaint and: Put the Title of the accepted in the Subject band for your posting. Conduct some added assay and explain: What the accepted is What the accepted is acclimated for Why it is important GROUPS 1, 2 and 3:  For at atomic two postings, Conduct your own assay on the standard Critically appraise and acknowledge to the account provided for: What the accepted is What the accepted is acclimated for Why it is important Provide at atomic one added animadversion on one of the aspects aloft (what the accepted is, what it is acclimated for, or why it is important) Your responses should be complete and thorough, and not artlessly "I agree." Only responses  Case Study Date 2 Appointment  please see attachments  HRMN 367 Must column first. Activity #1 In your own words, explain the accord amid either: a) administration and culture b) achievement and culture Please acknowledge to at atomic two colleagues.  Activity #2 Based on the account of authoritative activity stages, what activity date do you accede your alignment to be in? How does the activity date appulse the ability of the organization? No charge to acknowledge to colleagues.  You charge alpha a cilia afore you can apprehend and acknowledgment to alternative threads Week 4; No Lecture (Power Point) This Week not because I got lazy!  Just because the lectures are from an earlier advance with a altered agenda of events! Ben! 00 Week 4; Question 1 Do you accept an archetype of an alignment that you accept apparent (or researched) accepting gone the authoritative activity cycle? Any of you who accept been in the south and apparent old brick warehouses corrective with achromatic out "Uneeda Biscuit" signs have apparent an example! Week 4; Question 2 What are some examples of "cultural preferences of leaders?" (ref: anniversary 4 commentary) Week 4; Question 3 How accept you apparent attitudes appear time alter amid cultures (either authoritative or societal) Week 4; Question 4 (ref: Anniversary 4 Commentary) "senior-level administration can advance assumptions or perspectives in two ways: " What factors aural organizations will actuate how acknowledged senior-managers are in their assertions of assumptions? Week 4; Question 5 Life-cycle stage Business Environment Beliefs Mission/Tasks Management Style Nature of Organization Prophetvisionary, one product, debtpassionate acceptance in productget alignment started!single leader, abounding ideas, not accept well, not like detailsno organization!Barbarianideas to actions; augment chump basesuccess lies in acceptance in Prophetget artefact to markethigh ascendancy and absolute action; no delegationsimple, few if any systemsBuilder and Explorersnow assuming a profitfocus on efficiency; aggrandize bazaar and productscreate agency to assembly of product; beat marketfocus on detail; few focus on abiding plans; based on interpersonal relationshipsorganization is growing rapidlySynergist (note 1)(see account afterwards this table)Administratormastered market, abundant profitfocus on ability and qualitymaximize ability and abounding use of profitnot able ambidextrous with people; decisions based on facts and studiesvery able and smooth; added agents functions addedBureaucratnow diversified; accomplish profit; apathetic growth; amount cuttingprofessional managementefficiency; beneath focus on barter and added on profitimpersonal; like reportsoverly organizedAristocratdeclining; accident of adroitness and investmentcynicalprevent added erosionaloofexcessive layers of management; is an informal, underground organization Which of the administration styles would you like to assignment for (why?) Does that appearance alternative bout your own style? Which appearance accept you accomplished the most? Week 4; Question 6 what were your best important take-aways from this week's reading/discussions? Globe Paper  Instructions Write a cardboard that compares and contrasts the cultures from the table in Allotment 1. Use three added sources (not including the GLOBE resources) to abutment your assay of the two cultures. This cardboard should be a best of three pages in length.

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