week 4

Find a blooming architecture in your association and booty a tour; if you cannot acquisition one locally, acquisition one online. Analyze all blooming appearance you can find. Look accurately for items that analyze blooming agriculture practices, baptize efficiency, activity efficiency, able actual use, and decay administration practices. If feasible, booty photos of the items that you anticipate best body a acceptable and high-performing architecture and attach them to your altercation posts as a beheld aid. Your posts this anniversary should abode and analyze the afterward as an appraisal of the building:  Site strategies such as landscaping, stormwater management, exoteric lighting, admission to another transportation, and others Energy strategies such as lighting, arrangement controls, cellophane activity dashboards, metering, and others Water strategies such as able irrigation, accouterments fixtures, meters, and so on. Material and decay strategies such as composting, recycling, and apprenticeship or use of another and acceptable architecture materials Indoor air affection strategies such as abounding windows, concealment devices, blooming charwoman products, applicable windows, and others 1-2 page

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