Week 3 senior capstone

  Week 3 chief capstone Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing the IT Solution Continue architecture your activity Account  all the use cases of your IT band-aid in your Apogee Final activity  document.  Remember that in accession to address content, there are  relative sections in the Appendices. Also, accommodate the afterward based  on the technology solution. Software Application Design: Create an Activity Diagram for the system, chic diagram, and a Arrangement Sequence Diagram. Website Design:  Create an Activity Diagram for the system, a architecture of the database  that drives the website content, and a account off all the webpages. Database Design:  Create an E-R diagram of the Entity Attributes of the database  designed, the Domain Model chic diagram, and UML complication  association. Network Design: Explain the architectural basement architecture of the network. Discuss the aegis arrangement and accommodate UML diagrams. Evaluate this week's advance application the account advance address template. Include  the autograph sections aloft for analysis at the end of the advance  report. Accommodate a minimum of two sources, which may abide of library  sources, above-mentioned texts, or alternative selections.  This may assume bombastic to  update your apogee address and to accommodate the advice in the  progress address as well.  However, this abundantly facilitates allocation  while allowance you accumulate up with the apogee activity document.

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