Week 3 Project PHE4030 Foundation of Health Communication

 Week 3 ProjectAssignment Due August 2 at 11:59 PM Designing Bloom Advice Campaigns Based on Behavior Change Using the John’s Hopkins University’s Smart Jeewan affairs operating out of Nepal, use the apparatus of the BEHAVE archetypal to assay the all-embracing program. Remember that the framework should complete the account that is mentioned in the agnate lecture. Based on your research, actualize a 2- to 3-page address in a Microsoft Word certificate including answers to the following: Describe the ambition population Describe the specific behavior to focus on in the bloom advice campaign Discuss the ethics to be targeted as allotment of the action for the campaign Discuss the factors that appulse the bloom affair to be impacted by the intervention Discuss the action of the bloom advice campaign Be abiding to abutment your credibility for anniversary of the apparatus in parenthesis, with abstracts from the affairs and alfresco research. Submission Details: Name your certificate SU_PHE4030_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Submit your certificate to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned. Abutment your responses with examples. Cite any sources in APA for

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