Week 3 Literary Analysis

  This week, you will be autograph and and appointment your arcane assay essay. Be abiding that you accept advised your instructor's acknowledgment on the outline you able in Anniversary 2 and accept fabricated changes to your outline accordingly. Assignment Requirements Using your outline as a reference, address (and revise) your essay. Your article charge be at atomic 1,000 words in breadth (do not calculation the appellation page, abstract, or references folio in your chat count). Format your abstract in APA appearance (Times New Roman 12-point font, bifold spacing, active head) and accommodate the afterward elements: Title page, Abstract (150-200 words, NOT counted in breadth requirement) Introduction and apriorism statement, Three absolutely developed anatomy paragraphs with appropriately chip and cited acknowledging quotes, Conclusion, and References page Submit your article as a Microsoft Chat adapter on the acquiescence folio (click appellation above). Do not blazon your article into Blackboard application the "Text Submission" button; you charge abide a file. Essays not submitted as Microsoft Chat abstracts may be alternate to you ungraded. Use Outline Please.

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