Week 3 Discussion 2 Assessment

Assessing the ability of a accomplishment is an important allotment of an lesson.  Many axiological motor abilities are accumulated to actualize the added circuitous motor skills.  If a  fundamental accomplishment is not mastered, it will affect the development of alternative abilities as well. In this discussion, you will explain how you would beam , document, and appraise a axiological motor skill.  Choose a axiological motor accomplishment that you will assess.  I t can be a accomplishment ahead discussed in this advance or one that has not been discussed. a.  First, accommodate a abrupt account of the accomplishment and action acclimated to convenance the skill.  List all of the aspects of the accomplishment that you will be attractive for during the lesson, including the students's anatomy and amplitude acquaintance and affection of movement (e.g., balance, movement from one abode to another, affective added than one anatomy allotment at at a time). b.  Then, altercate how you plan to beam and certificate during the lesson. c.  Finally, accommodate a explanation that you accept created to appraise the ability of the skill.  You can acquisition a adviser for abetment with explanation actuality which is in the portal... 

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