Week 3 Chapter Assignment

  Chapter 4 Review Questions 4-1. What is EC, and what altered approaches to aggressive in cyberspace do companies use?
 4-2. What are the primary forms of e-government? Provide examples for each.
 4-3. Compare and adverse the click-only and the bricks-and clicks approaches to administering business online.
 4-4. Describe the furnishings of disintermediation.
 4-5. Describe amusing business and explain how companies can advantage consumers’ amusing networks.
 4-6. Describe the allowances and drawbacks of e-tailing.
 4-7. What is the online consumer’s bureaucracy of needs, and why is it important for e-tailers?
 4-8. Describe the differences amid SEO, chase marketing, and sponsored search.
 4-9. Describe m-commerce and explain how it is altered from approved EC.
 4-10. What is showrooming, and how has it afflicted offline retailers?
 4-11. Compare and adverse online cyberbanking and online brokerage.
 4-12. How does taxation affectation a blackmail to EC?
 4-13. How does net neutrality affectation a blackmail to EC? Chapter 5 Review Questions 5-1. What are basic teams, and how do they advice to advance an organization’s capabilities?
 5-2. What are mashups? How do they accredit amusing media applications?
 5-3. What capabilities will ascertain the web of the future?
 5-4. How can amusing software advice accouter the acumen of the crowd?
 5-5. Why is application amusing media an important agency for alluring and application employees?
 5-6. How can amusing software enhance communication?
 5-7. How can amusing bookmarking and amusing cataloging advice in an organization’s ability administration efforts?
 5-8. What is a wiki? Why would an alignment appetite to apparatus a wiki?
 5-9. Explain what is meant by crowdsourcing and how the web is enabling this anatomy of collaboration.
 5-10. How can organizations use amusing networking to affix with their customers?
 5-11. Why is authoritative ability an important agency in enterprise-oriented amusing media initiatives?
 5-12. Why can amusing media be both a absolution and a blackmail for organizations?
 5-13. How can organizations plan for amusing media disasters? Chapter 6 Review Questions 6-1. How can a connected planning action advice businesses acknowledge to alien threats and opportunities?
 6-2. Describe the differences amid entities, tables, rows, and attributes in a database.
 6-3. What is the accent of adept abstracts management?
 6-4. What are the advantages of a DBMS?
 6-5. Explain the differences amid OLAP and OLTP.
 6-6. How can beheld analytics be acclimated to advance accommodation making?
 6-7. Describe how OLAP enables a user to conduct multidimensional queries.
 6-8. Explain the aberration amid absorption and classification.
 6-9. What is the accord amid measures and dimensions?
 6-10. Describe and accord examples of two types of web mining.
 6-11. What is a website’s stickiness, and why is it important?
 6-12. Explain the purpose of a archetypal aural a DSS.
 6-13. Describe four types of able agents. How can they be acclimated to account organizations?
 6-14. What is a ability administration system, and what types of technologies accomplish up a absolute system?
 6-15. What is the purpose of application layers in GIS applications?

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