Week #3 assignment onboarding HRMD630

 Week 3 Appointment - OnboardingInstructions The aboriginal accounting appointment for this advance is due in Week 3 and requires you to draw aloft what you acquire abstruse in the aboriginal 3 weeks of chic to assay the absolute rewards arrangement offered by two acclaimed organizations, L.L. Bean and Aflac. To complete the assignment, you will charge to apprehend the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) case study,Benefits and Business at Aflac and L.L. Bean, that is acquaint at the basal of this page. After account the case study, you are to acknowledgment the questions below. Be abiding to absorb adapted bookish and practitioner references to abutment your key ideas. The absolute breadth of your appointment should be no added than 5-6 pages, not including the awning folio and advertence list. The appointment is account 100 credibility and 20% of your absolute grade. It will be denticulate according to the agnate allocation explanation that is acquaint at the end of this page. Case Abstraction Questions. Pick one of the companies presented in the SHRM case study, either Aflac or L.L. Bean, and acknowledgment the following: Think about the centralized strengths and weaknesses of the company. How, if at all, did the close acknowledge to these factors from a absolute rewards perspective? 25 points Consider the alien opportunities and threats of the company. How, if at all, did the close acknowledge to these factors from a absolute rewards perspective? 25 points Given the accumulated ethics of the organization, what revisions would you accomplish to its allowances affairs in adjustment to bigger adjust it with the adeptness of the company’s authoritative goals and values? 50 points 1st Appointment Allowances at AFLAC and LLBean.pdf rubric:    Written Appointment Allocation Rubric    A B C F   Response Quality 50 points/50%  Student anon addresses capital catechism or issue, and   adds new acumen to the accountable not provided in lectures, readings, or chic   discussions. Apprentice has retained   nearly all of the adeptness presented in class, and is able to amalgamate   this adeptness in new means and chronicle to actual not covered in the course. Student abundantly addresses capital catechism or issue, but   does not add abundant new acumen into the subject. That said, it is bright that the apprentice has   learned a abundant accord and is able to acquaint this adeptness to   others.  Student attempts to abode capital catechism or issue, but   fails. The apprentice has retained some   information from the course, but does not absolutely acquire its acceptation or   context and cannot acutely back it to others.  Student does not abode capital catechism or issue, and it is   obvious that the apprentice has not retained pertinent advice from the   course or is not able to acutely back that advice to others.   Evidence 20 points/20% Provides acute and authentic affirmation that convinces   reader to acquire capital altercation (s). The importance/relevance of all pieces of affirmation is acutely   stated. There are no gaps in   reasoning—i.e., the clairvoyant does not charge to acquire annihilation or do added   research to acquire capital argument.  Provides all-important affirmation to argue clairvoyant of best   aspects of the capital argument(s) but not all. The importance/ appliance of some affirmation presented may not be   totally clear. Clairvoyant charge accomplish a few brainy leaps or do some added   research to absolutely acquire all aspects of capital argument.  Not abundant affirmation is provided to abutment student’s   argument(s), or affirmation is incomplete, incorrect, or oversimplified. Advice from advertence actual is not   effectively used.  Either no affirmation is provided, or there are abundant   factual mistakes, omissions or oversimplifications. There is little or no acknowledgment of   information from advertence material.    Sources 10 points/10% Evidence is acclimated from a advanced ambit of sources, including   scholarly material, adapted websites, able articles, etc. not   explicitly discussed in class. Evidence is acclimated from abounding sources, but apprentice relies   heavily on a added bound set of sources. Some accomplishment is fabricated to go above actual presented in chic back   required, but not much. If alfresco   sources are used, they are primarily non-scholarly (i.e., advised for a   general audience) and/or web-based. Does not go above the actual that has been provided by   professor. Only minimally uses sources provided by instructor, or   relies alone on non-scholarly alfresco sources.   A B C F   Citations 10 points/10% All sources are appropriately cited according to APA format. All affirmation is cited, but there are some accessory problems   with abyss or APA architecture of some citations. Some pieces of the appointment are unreferenced or   inaccurately referenced, and there are problems with abyss and APA   format of citations. No attack is fabricated to adduce evidence.    Clarity and Style 10 points/10% All sentences are grammatically actual and acutely   written. No words are abolished or   unnecessarily verbose. Technical   terms, words from alternative languages, and words from alternative actual periods are   always explained. All advice is   accurate and up-to-date.  All sentences are grammatically actual and acutely   written. An casual chat is abolished   or unnecessary. Technical terms, words   from alternative languages, and words from alternative actual periods are usually,   but not always, explained. All   information is authentic and up-to-date. Paper contains no added than a few accessory errors, which do not abnormally   affect the reader’s adeptness to acquire the student’s writing. A few sentences are grammatically incorrect or not acutely   written. Several words are   misused. Technical terms, words from   other languages, and words from alternative actual periods are rarely   explained. Paper contains several   errors that blemish the reader’s adeptness to acquire what is written. Paper is abounding of grammatical errors and bad writing. Several words are misused. Technical terms, words from alternative   languages, and words from alternative actual periods are rarely explained. Paper contains abundant errors that accomplish it   difficult for the clairvoyant to acquire the writing.

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