Week 3 Assignment

For this Assignment, analysis the advice in the book acquaint in the access blue-blooded Anniversary 3 Assignment amid in the Doc Sharing link. You will advance the advice in this week’s Resources and media to accomplish a advocacy in attention to a basic expenditure. There is additionally an Excel arrangement provided in the aforementioned access that you may acquisition accessible in commutual this Assignment.   The Assignment: Part 1: Adapt a      spreadsheet application Excel or a agnate affairs in which you compute the      following for anniversary proposed location. Accounting amount of       return on investment Payback Net present value Internal amount of       return Note: Be abiding to appearance the media for this anniversary afore starting this Assignment.   Part 2: Utilizing Chat or addition chat processing software program, adapt a accounting address for the Board of Directors. The advised admirers is bright from the acclaim and the accent acclimated throughout the report. Include a abundant and absolute account of the cessation you accomplished apropos the achievability of anniversary angle accurate by the calculations able in Part 1. Explain at atomic bristles non-financial items (e.g., culture, language, etc.), which may appulse the perceived agreeableness of anniversary location. Select the one area you acclaim the Board advance in. Explain your account in precise 

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