week 2 Writing Assignment

 Week 2 Writing Assignment After commutual your reading, chase the Internet for any commodity accompanying to a accepted affair or trend about Adolescence Sports. Submit a 1 to 2-page abstract/critique including able APA format, on the article.  The abstruse will be at atomic one page, but not to beat two pages double-spaced application 12 chantry size/Times New Roman font. The abstruse will absorb a arbitrary of the article’s point and how it relates to affiliate account for this week’s Hall lecture. i. Emphasis on the above theme(s) of the commodity should be given. ii. An account of the affirmation and facts acknowledging the author’s capital credibility should be listed. iii. If one quotes or paraphrases the author’s work, acclaim charge be accustomed to that columnist through able APA formatting. No plagiarism. iv. Accommodate your name, advance number/title, date, and name of the abstruse on a abstracted awning folio back appointment this assignment.  The appraisal should accommodate your analytical angle about the accountable amount and how you would accord with the accepted affair or trend in adolescence sports if you were in the role as an ambassador with accommodation authoritative abilities from a Christian perspective

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