Week 2: Practice Outline and Paragraph

Part 1 (Practice Outline) Since we are alone practicing alignment here, let’s accumulate the affair choices simple: your admired (or atomic favorite) TV appearance or movie, your admired (or atomic favorite) holiday, or accession agnate topic. If you adopt to accept your own topic, amuse Message me your abstraction for approval. See my archetype below. Essay Title: Ghost Adventures PARAGRAPH ONE Introduction Details: Open with assorted TV genres that I adore (examples: best TV shows, news, cine channels). My admired brand is suspense, decidedly the appearance Ghost Adventures. Thesis Statement: Ghost Adventures is my admired TV shows because of the investigators, the abstruse theme, and the locations they visit. PARAGRAPH TWO Topic Book (with a alteration word): First, I tune in to Ghost Adventures because I adore watching the investigators. Supporting Details: Discuss Zac, Nick, and Aaron (original members) Mention abutment agents and new members PARAGRAPH THREE Topic Book (with a alteration word): Additionally, the abstruse affair of Ghost Adventures is intriguing. Supporting Details:           Purpose of appearance is to prove that ghosts exist           High-tech accessories (examples)           Ghost sightings and audio evidence PARAGRAPH FOUR Topic Book (with a alteration word): Finally, the aggregation of Ghost Adventures campaign to abounding agitative locations. Supporting Details: Places: Hotels, old buildings, houses, etc. Specific cities: Salem, Los Angeles, Gettysburg PARAGRAPH FIVE Thesis restated in a hardly altered way: For abounding reasons, Ghost Adventures is my admired television show. Concluding Thoughts: Paranormal theme Investigators Locations Looking advanced to abounding added seasons Part 2 (Practice Outline) Now aces ONE branch from your outline and absolutely advance it. You may use aboriginal person, if you wish, but abstain additional being (you). Do not use sources. Write bristles to eight able-bodied developed sentences and no beneath than 100 words. See beneath for an example. Below is my completed fourth paragraph. Finally, the aggregation of Ghost Adventures campaign to abounding agitative locations. It is consistently so abundant fun to alpha an adventure and acquisition out what and area the aggregation will be investigating. For example, they investigate hotels, houses, prisons, hospitals, and basically any area that is accounted to be haunted. My claimed admired adventure is back they investigate a abode a few doors bottomward from area some of the Manson murders occurred. Also, they are accommodating to biking all over the apple and accept been to cities such as Salem, Massachusetts; Los Angeles, California; Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; and to countries overseas, like England and Ireland. No amount area they go or what blazon of anatomy they investigate, every adventure is abiding to be agitative and abounding of apparitional adventures! *** Also, actuality are some tips for your apprentice replies this week. Do you see three bright genitalia in your adolescent student’s apriorism statement? Can you analyze them actual easily? What are they? Did he/she use alteration words in anniversary affair sentence? Does any branch attending underdeveloped? Do you see any grammatical problems, per the grammar handout? Accept you apparent the aforementioned TV appearance or movie? If so, maybe you can advance some acknowledging capacity or examples if needed. (Aren't you animated you accept a accepted alibi to watch TV this week?) ;) P.S. Amuse agenda that artlessly discussing the cine or TV appearance with your classmates will NOT calculation appear your apprentice replies. You may do so, but it charge be in accession to your effective comments. See the aloft tips for apprentice acknowledgment help.

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