Week 2 (Leadership)

  Due in 10 hours Assignment Content Resources:  Leadership Theories Matrix Leadership Theories Grading Guide As a leader, you generally charge to affectation or analyze a concept. A cast is a filigree that contains advice and offers a beheld archetypal of ideas. For this assignment, you will actualize a cast that explains administration theories.  Research the afterward bristles administration theories and accommodate these in your cast (use the cast arrangement provided): Trait theories of leadership Behavioral theories of leadership Contingency models of leadership Skills approaches to leadership Situational methods of leadership Develop the analogue and characteristics of assorted administration theories and approaches to administration (trait leadership, behavioral leadership, accident leadership, abilities administration and situational leadership). Provide one or added examples to abutment the analogue or characteristics of anniversary anatomy of leadership. Write out your explanations in anniversary area application about 350 words for anniversary section. Format your Administration Theory Cast with the arrangement and constant with APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.

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