week 2 in writing

  you will address a abbreviate cardboard or bear a presentation summarizing what you accept abstruse about the three basal categories of analysis design. It may be a acceptable abstraction to alpha by because some questions accompanying to the topic. Remember to accommodate an introduction, APA-style headings (and subheadings if needed), a conclusion, and a references section. Avoid application too abounding absolute quotations from the resources, and be abiding to adduce your sources. Option 1: What are the capital elements and intentions of anniversary analysis design? Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods Which architecture do you best chronicle to and why? Or which design(s) are you best accustomed with? Consider how you ability use analysis allegation to bigger accept what you do in your able context, and/or accommodate an archetype of how they ability validate what you are already doing. This should be an APA-style cardboard with a appellation page, an introduction, a alternation of sections application capital headings and subheadings (based on the questions listed above), and a developed conclusion. Length: 2-3 pages, including references as needed References: Accommodate a minimum of 3 bookish resources.

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