Week 2 Documenting the Project Lifecycle

  Well-written activity affidavit clarifies intent, abstracts decisions and results, and allows activity managers to appraise activity advance (and address it, as necessary, to activity stakeholders) at every footfall of the activity lifecycle.  For this assignment, you will actualize two examples of activity affidavit that adjust with the Activity Plan Draft appointment you completed in Week 1. The affidavit you will actualize for this appointment aligns with the admission and planning phases of a project.  If you chose the avalanche alignment for your Week 1 Activity Plan Draft assignment, actualize the following: A business requirements document, or BRD: Use the Business Requirements Template as the base for your BRD. A appointment breakdown schedule, or WBS: Use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Example document as the base for your WBS.  Alternatively, if you chose the Agile alignment for your Week 1 Activity Plan Draft assignment, actualize the following: A artefact requirements document, or PRD: Read "Product Requirements Documents, Downsized" for abetment in creating this document. User stories/scenarios and accepting criteria: Review "Agile Requirements Snail: Feature to User Story to Scenario" for advice in creating this document. Then use the Scenarios and COS tabs amid in User Scenarios And Accepting Belief Example as the base for your user stories/scenarios and accepting criteria.  Submit your completed BRD and WBS, or your completed PRD and user stories/scenarios with accepting criteria.

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