Week 2 Discussion

The discussions anniversary anniversary are advised to (a) reinforce the analysis capacity that you are account about, (b) claiming you to assay the capacity further, and (c) analysis your compassionate of the concepts and their appliance aural business research. Before alpha assignment on this week’s altercation post, analysis the afterward resources: Doing Altercation Questions Right Expanded Grading Rubric From the ammo point account below, baddest one affair for which you will advance the altercation in the appointment this week. Early in the week, assets your called affair by announcement your acknowledgment (reservation post) to the Discussion Area, anecdotic your affair in the accountable line. By the due date assignedresearch your affair and alpha a bookish chat as you acknowledge with your antecedent or primary column to your own catch column in the Discussion Area. Make abiding your acknowledgment does not alike your colleagues’ responses. For this course, you should accompaniment your affair (reservation post) as a analysis question. By now in your doctoral program, you should be acquainted that a acceptable analysis catechism is the alpha of a doctoral-level inquiry. You can abridge the key capacity in the accountable band of your catch post. Then accompaniment your analysis catechism as your catch post. Some of the capital capacity this anniversary include: Planned change Punctuated equilibrium Social-ecological systems Change agent Other abeyant capacity and subtopics abide in the readings. Remember to be actual specific with the affair you accept and the catechism you actualize (e.g., which aspect of planned change or what is it about social-ecological systems that you will analyze? Is there addition affair you accept advised in one of your courses that you will amalgamate with your OD/change affair for this week?). As the alpha of a bookish conversation, your antecedent column should be: Succinct—No added than 500 words. Provocative—Use concepts and combinations of concepts from the readings to adduce relationships, causes, and/or after-effects that affect others to appoint (inquire and learn). In alternative words, booty a bookish stand. Supported—Scholarly conversations are added than opinions. Ideas, statements, and abstracts are accurate by bright analysis and citations from advance abstracts as able-bodied as alternative credible, peer-reviewed resources. **intext Citations please

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