Week 2 Chapter Review Questions

Answer the “Review Questions” at the end of Chapters 2 and 3 in at atomic 3 complete, grammatically actual sentences each. Cardinal anniversary catechism to accord to the cardinal on the catechism actuality answered and abide one MS Word accordant document.  Chapter 2 Review Questions  2-1. Compare and adverse the characteristics of the operational, managerial, and controlling levels of an organization. 2-2. Compare and adverse automating and learning. 2-3. Call aggressive advantage and account six sources. 2-4. How do an organization’s assets and capabilities aftereffect in a aggressive advantage? 2-5. Compare and adverse pipe- and platform-based business models. 2-6. What is the freemium model, and how can a business auspiciously use this approach? 2-7. Why is acknowledged appliance of avant-garde technologies and systems generally difficult? 2-8. How can advice systems advice in accumulation assorted types of innovation? 2-9. Using accomplished examples, explain what is meant by a abolitionist innovation. 2-10. Call the confusing addition cycle. Chapter 3 Review Questions 3-1. How do applications abutment authoritative business processes? 3-2. How do databases abutment authoritative business processes? 3-3. Call the key functions of arrangement software. 3-4. For which purposes are abstracts stored in organizations? 3-5. What are the appropriate characteristics of altered accumulator media? 3-6. How does computer networking work? 3-7. What are the above types of networks? 3-8. What is the World Wide Web, and what is its accord to the Internet? 3-9. What are URLs, and why are they important to the World Wide Web? 3-10. What are the problems associated with software obsolescence? 3-11. Call the characteristics of the billow accretion model. 3-12. Define filigree accretion and call its advantages and disadvantages. 3-13. Call what is meant by the appellation IP convergence. 3-14. Call why blooming accretion has become so important to avant-garde organizations.

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