Week 2 Assignment – Operational Security

  Week 2 Assignment Scenario: There was a billow of attacks on banks area the attackers were targeting agenda processing in Eastern Europe. Having penetrated the bank's infrastructure, abyss acquired admission to agenda processing systems and transferred funds from assorted accounts. They additionally disabled antifraud systems that would commonly acquaint the coffer of counterfeit transactions. Simultaneously, their accomplices were abandoning banknote from ATMs in addition country. The bank's basement independent the following: The aggregation runs open-source database, e-mail, and web servers. Advisers can admission the arrangement via desktop computers that are accessible in the capital appointment or by application their claimed devices. The capital appointment uses the Wireless Encryption Privacy (WEP) Protocol to affix to its wireless network. When training at the capital office, volunteers admission the Internet via the wireless network. Passwords are not appropriate to be changed, and some advisers accept been application the aforementioned admission accreditation back abutting the organization. Although the agent handbook includes a action on adequate use and countersign maintenance, these behavior accept never been activated and accept not been adapted in years. The agent handbook additionally states the organization’s aegis ambition to advance the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the chump data.  Identify at atomic 2 federal regulations abandoned and 2 industry-standard frameworks that abode attention PII to abutment your claims which abode or awning how a coffer is appropriate to abide in acquiescence and accommodate examples from the case study.

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