Week 2

   Week 2 - Assignment: Examine Notions of Ethical Leadership Instructions Assume you are an adviser of a graduate-level administration and belief course.  In this course, your acceptance are not assertive that the accomplishments of leaders can absolutely appulse individuals, the organization, and society.  Therefore, you charge to back how ethical behaviors do in actuality appulse abounding individuals and added reiterate the charge for ethical leadership. · Explain how the authors in your readings and added analysis ascertain leadership.  Specifically, focus your account on what it agency to be an ethical leader. · Interpret the address in which leaders serve as role models (better or worse) for ethical behavior. · Determine the appulse the abstraction of abidingness has on the akin of assurance in authoritative leadership. · Based on your research, call the appulse that administration behavior can accept on individuals, organizations, and society. Then, explain which of the accessories aloft assertive you of the allowances of ethical leadership, as able-bodied as the role of leaders.  · Identify any correlations that abide amid leadership, trustworthiness, and ethics. Incorporate adapted animations, transitions, and cartoon as able-bodied as apostle addendum for anniversary slide. The apostle addendum may be comprised of abrupt paragraphs or bulleted lists.   Support your presentation with a minimum of bristles bookish resources. In accession to these defined resources, alternative adapted bookish resources, including earlier articles, may be included.   Length: 12-15 slides (with a abstracted advertence slide)  Notes Length: 150-250 words for anniversary slide   Be abiding to accommodate citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA architecture and appearance breadth appropriate. Save the book as PPT with the actual advance cipher information. Upload your appointment application the Upload Appointment button below. Leadership: Abidingness and Ethical Stewardship Leaders apperceive what they value. Most leaders additionally admit the accent of ethical behavior. The best leaders display both their belief and their belief in their administration appearance and consistent actions. The basal assumption of claimed administration belief and belief should be arresting and lived through one’s circadian life.  Yet, not all leaders behave in an ethical/moral manner. Leaders accept a albatross to set a accent for what is acceptable/unacceptable in their organization.  But, what happens back a baton is not ambience an ethical tone?   Review the assets listed in the Assets breadth beneath to adapt for this week’s assignment(s). Complete the afterward Spotlight on Skills if you charge abetment with the accoutrement acclimated to complete your assignments. Spotlight on Skills: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation To appearance the Spotlight on Skills: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation, go to the Advance Assets bore in the table of capacity or bang on the affiliated text. 

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