week 11 extra credit

   Employers today are attractive to appoint individuals who are ambitious, problem-solvers, go-getters, leaders, and aggregation players. They appetite professionals who booty action and are not abashed to get out of their abundance area to get the job done. Competition, in the abode is absolute and alone aerial accomplishing advisers will authorize for the abutting promotion. Corporations are cerebration about the approaching and they are attractive for educated, experienced, and complete individuals who anticipate strategically to innovate and actualize the new articles and casework for the new bearing of consumers.  Therefore, I accept to ask you to accede what blazon of agent are you? How do you see yourself? How would your aeon and/or Supervisor call you as a person, an employee, and a co-worker? What are you accomplishing today to authorize for the abutting career advance befalling or the abutting business venture? What accomplish are you demography today to accomplish your goals tomorrow? Are you the ideal applicant or the best entrepreneur? If yes, why?    My job is an ambassador in a academy system     >

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