Week 10 Discussion

   Week 10 Discussion 1    "Public Bloom Preparedness" Please acknowledge to the following: From the aboriginal e-Activity, assay the measures your accompaniment and  local association accept in abode to adapt hospitals for two (2) altered  types of threats to accessible health. Question whether the architecture of these  measures allows for the acceptable aegis of the citizenry in the  face of an approaching threat. Justify your response. From the added e-Activity, appraise two to three (2-3) changes  to the accommodation behavior of your called accompaniment and federal government  agencies. Determine the cogent social, political, or ecology  factors that accept afflicted these changes. Provide abutment for your  rationale.   "Policy Analysis" Please acknowledge to the following: Compare and adverse the rational and political models of action  analysis. Debate the advantages of the archetypal that you accept is best  influential in policymaking. Abutment your account with two (2)  specific examples of your called model’s influence. Suppose you are a bloom action analyst for a government  contracting bureau that a bounded hospital has assassin to complete a action  analysis. From the third e-Activity and your textbook, codify the  problem account for one (1) of your called bloom policies. Then,  outline two (2) added key accomplish in the development of a action  analysis for your client.

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