Week 10 Discussion

  Remember to analysis the abridgement expectations for initial altercation posts and associate replies. Discuss the following: 1. What are the allowances and challenges associated with accessible and clandestine blockchain and which has the best abeyant for appliance in animal ability management? 2. How can blockchain technology advance agent assurance and security? You are appropriate to adduce this week’s assigned readings in your paper. You may additionally adduce above-mentioned week's account assignments and alien sources if you wish. Use the afterward headings to adapt your paper: Introduction, Question 1, Question 2, Conclusion, References. Submit your cardboard as a Chat adapter in the altercation forum. I accommodate acknowledgment aural the cardboard and will not brand your column unless you abide it as an attachment. Your acknowledgment to the altercation alert should accommodate a minimum of 500 words and it should be submitted no after than Tuesday afore 11:59 pm EST.  Your acknowledgment should be formatted in APA appearance and advertence this week's readings.   From the Text 1. Chapter 3 of Blockchain for Business From the Harvard Course Pack Link:   https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/688391 2. Berke, A. (2017, March 7). How safe are Blockchains? IT depends. Harvard Business Review, 51-60. From the UC Library: Access the Library at  http://www.ucumberlands.edu/library/ and Search by Title 3. Patel, R., Sethia, A., & Patil, S. (2018, September). Blockchain: Future of decentralized systems. 2018 International Conference on Computing Ability and Communication Technology. 369-374. Follow the afterward autograph requirements for all of your altercation alert responses (note that these autograph requirements DO NOT administer to your responses to alternative students): Writing Requirements for all Assignments: References MUST be cited aural your cardboard in APA format. Your advertence folio and in-text citations charge bout 100%. Papers after in-text citations will acquire declining grades. Always accommodate a awning folio and advertence folio with all submissions Your cardboard charge accept headings in it. For altercation posts Introduction, Prompt/Question, and Conclusion will answer as headings.   Provide the EXACT web articulation for all online sources – do not accommodate aloof the home page, but the EXACT LINK – I analysis all sources No abbreviations, no contractions – address formally Write in the third being academic articulation (no aboriginal or additional being pronouns) Write MORE than the minimum claim of the chat calculation assigned As always, the chat calculation is ONLY for the BODY of the cardboard – the awning page, advertence page, and / or Appendix (if included) do not calculation appear the chat calculation for the paper Indent the aboriginal band of anniversary new branch bristles spaces Refer to the archetype APA cardboard in the accepting started binder beneath the agreeable tab if you charge an example. Also, a ability is provided beneath the advice tab that addresses APA format. Use double-spacing / aught point band spacing, a active header, folio numbers, and larboard absolve the margins.

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