week 10 assignment soc pol

  Writing belletrist to accessible admiral is a anatomy of political advancement for audience and amusing workers. For this Assignment, you will address an advancement letter to accessible official about a botheration and a policy. In addition, you will address a 1-2 folio account of your letter. Your account will accommodate the account abaft your called affair and the access you took with the specific representative. Assignment: In the aforementioned document, abide both Allotment I and II of the appointment (2-4 pages): Part I: Letter to Representative Your letter should include: A description of the amusing abundance issue An account of how you appetite the administrator to acknowledge to the affair (vote, actualize legislation, authority accessible hearings, etc.) and why. Support of your viewpoints with aboveboard facts and research. Part II: Account (1-2 pages, double-space, APA format) For this allotment of the assignment, accommodate an account of: Why you called the issue How the affair affects amusing work The acumen you chose the specific representative The access you took with the adumbrative (consider the representative’s voting history, political affiliation, and any alternative factors you considered)

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