Week 10 Assignment

Week 10 Assignment: Technology has afflicted lives in axiological and absolute ways. It additionally has opened the aperture to new types of cybercrime, which can run the area from character annexation to acclimation agitator plots. As anniversary new blazon of abomination comes to light, usually through a case that draws civic attention, law administration and government entities acknowledge application more adult surveillance technology. Law enforcement’s use of technology to anticipate and action cybercrime has prompted alike greater "advances" in bent action with the use of encryption, anonymizers, and proxy servers. For the Final Project, you will accommodate an all-embracing assay of a cybercrime. You will baddest a cybercrime to use for the Final Project. You will again assay how this blazon of abomination evolved, how it acquired civic attention, and how it was afflicted by technology. As you abide your assay of the cybercrime, appraise legislation, penalties, and how law administration ability anticipate and abode the cybercrime. The Assignment: Using the Walden Writing Center APA Advance Cardboard Template (see attachment), abode a 10- to 12-page cardboard (not counting the appellation folio and References page) that includes the afterward elements: Introduction: Describe the blazon of cybercrime you selected. Explain the change of the cybercrime, including back the cybercrime acquired civic absorption and any affairs or cases that ability accept prompted the civic attention. Explain how technology has afflicted the change of the cybercrime. Body: Describe legislation accompanying to the cybercrime Explain limitations and/or gaps accompanying to the legislation. Explain penalties in your accompaniment or country of abode for agreeable in the  cybercrime. Explain the amount to which the penalties you articular are able for chastening the offender. Explain challenges law administration ability face in efforts to anticipate and abode the cybercrime. Conclusion: Explain how law administration ability advance abstruse solutions to anticipate and abode the cybercrime. Explain how law administration ability advance technology to account association and aftereffect amusing change. Support your Assignment with specific references to all assets acclimated in its preparation. You are to accommodate a advertence account for all resources, including those in the Learning Assets for this course.

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